3 Months Waiting For My Brain

My silence and my need to reflect has brought about great changes in me. I wait during the time of Coronavirus, in the UK, waiting to go home to China, and finally I feel freer to write up my experience.  What happened in between …  The end of the semester. We watched 4 hours of documentary films from my second-year students. Like all end of semesters, it was emotional and mostly successful. Goodbye till next term, and the feeling of a great job done; however, I felt strange and lightheaded, with a pain in my left ear which had come and gone for months. Today it was bad. Very bad. I walked home along Jinshatan - Golden Beach - taking photos, when suddenly everything went into a blur. I had to sit for a long time and knew something was very wrong.  The next day I went to the ENT specialist at the Qingdao International Hospital. I did a hearing test. I had substantial hearing loss and an MRI scan was ordered.  The following week, mid-May

September: The Final Months in China

September 2018 School’s back!   It seemed like a quick flight back home to China. Beijing Capital Airlines has a new route directly from London to Qingdao. Got window seat and filmed the last images for The Sea Hut . My mother was so good with me in England; even though distraught about Pat my brother and his slow recovery from the stroke, she managed to do a final interview which basically has the film tied up. Got it in the can! Students Of course, I still have animation to do, colour, motion, resizing images, subtitles, before I can really say I have finished. Never done till it’s done, and even then we always think of things we could change, add. Musings on a plane. One drifts between time zones and clouds, and sometimes one country becomes like a meditation. Russia is huge – it takes 6 hours or more to move slowly from East to West, and then dive onto Turkmenistan, curve around, outer, then inner Mongolia, to China. By this time, and having watched the onl