Thursday, 11 October 2018

May: The Month of Chaos

May 2018
For those interested in astrology, Uranus entered Taurus in April; erratic behaviour will be the result for the next 7 years till it moves onto Gemini. This affects us all personally and globally. Weather disasters, rains, storms, and huge weather changing patterns, money and the way we make it, collapse of some banks, and online entrepreneurship will be on the rise as we find new and innovative ways to make a living, and have that Uranus freedom, but also family issues for many of us will be more prevalent than before. For me, in many ways, this is the month my family were dreading for a long, long time. I will not dwell on it. Those who know me and my family know Patrick’s story; for others, who hap on this blog, I will just enclose the link:

 My dear, sweet and lovely brother, Patrick, better known as Pat, a talented photographer, brave and determined, who has fought so hard in so many ways, overcoming many physical hardships, suffered a second extreme stroke.

 I rushed home, having been given a leave of urgency. At the airport all I could do was pray, as he was undergoing an important, life-saving brain operation.

 I held a silent vigil during that 12 hour flight.

 He made it, and could smile at me, just about. Head opened up, skull cut open, holding on to life.

 I stayed 10 days. My mother, suddenly so small, tiny, like a frail bird holding his life in hers. Yet, as things are, there were moments of great joy, and the sun coming up, and shining so beautifully through the trees in mum’s garden. And the closeness of friends, Patrick’s friends, his girlfriend, family, his lovely, wonderful friends, words, warmth, long nights of just being and sharing stories.

 Then I had to come home.

 Mum was amazing, we did the last of the interviews for The Sea Hut, which should be finished by the end of the year. And for this I thank her tenfold.

 And back now to end of school and to the decision I have been putting off:

Do I stay or do I go?

Patrick Pope


Leaving Qingdao

Patrick and mother

Patrick's first writing 

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